Smash factor

It’s a travel day, so I’m doing some reading on smash factor. This number is basically the ratio of ball speed to clubhead speed, so it’s a key indicator of how well you translate power into distance. My average is around 1.38, with the ideal for a driver being just under 1.5

First lesson:

“The ideal place to contact the ball is on the upper half of the face, in the center, so that if the ball were to leave an imprint, you’d see the entire ball and not just a part of it. That’s going to give you the best combination of launch (high), spin (low), and ball speed.”

From this PGA tour guide

The second lesson, which I’ve heard before, is to get a can of Dr. Scholl’s foot spray, and spray it onto the face of your driver to see where you’re making contact. I’ll have to add a can to my shopping list.

The third lesson is that I may want to consider a heavier driver shaft in the future. I don’t know anything about my shaft other than that it’s stiff, and I’m probably not purchasing a new shaft until I upgrade my driver (a Calloway Epic) , but it’s something to consider.

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