Despite nagging pain in both hands from yesterday, I went to the range today for an extended practice session, hitting 200+ balls. Hitting this many balls in an hour and a half will either kill me or increase my endurance on the course, which is lacking. Hoping it does the latter.

Most of my practice was with wedges on shots from 20 to 100 yards. I struggled somewhat, but I think the practice was productive.

I focused particularly on hitting 20 and 30 yard wedge shots with my 56 and 60 degree wedges, and hitting full swings with my pitching wedge (carry around 100). My end goal is to hone a short, consistent swing I can turn to again and again on the course. I believe this was the most productive section of my practice.

I also hit maybe 20 drivers, mostly to see what swing speed I could generate (as a baseline). My normal swing generated speeds of 103-105MPH. My best-hit ball traveled around 240 yards (carry) dead-straight on a swing speed of 106MPH. I did manage to hit a few with swing speed near 110, but the contact wasn’t nearly as good.

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