Langston Golf Course

After a busy few weeks at work, I finally got back onto the golf course today.

I played (part of) DC’s Langston golf course at Twilight. How was it?

Well, the condition of the course is not good. Dead grass and dirt everywhere. The layout is flat, but interesting. The landscape is beautiful.

The Par 3 13th

Langston is a public course, and right by my apartment, so I really hoped it would be worth playing. Unfortunately, the course condition is just too unkempt for serious play. The greens and bunkers are not bad. All they need is some better-seeded and better-watered fairways.

For now, I’ll be trekking elsewhere to play.

My game itself was not bad, given the long layoff. Balls went in the air and travelled relatively straight. It’s not scratch golf (lol), but it’s good enough to get by. Hopefully I’ll be able to carve out more time for golf, and find a hole course, in the next few weeks.

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