Getting “golf fit”

I write a lot on here about the swing work I’m doing (in the two weeks this has been public), but that’s not all I’m doing to get better.

I’m also working on my general fitness.

I’m 22 years old, 162-ish pounds, and reasonably fit. Golf isn’t exactly a game restricted to top, six-pack-wielding athletes.

Still, fitness can be a huge edge (looking at you Brooks – just not at your SI photo), and I need every edge I can get. And it’s nice to feel fit. So I’m working on it.

My priorities are:

– Increasing flexibility and upper body strength to ward off my nagging wrist injury and create some additional speed.

– Increasing my endurance so my swing doesn’t fade mid-round

– And just generally losing a few pounds and getting leaner.

I do this through a mix of gym time (3-4 days a week), running (2-3 days a week), and swimming (2-3 days a week when it’s warm.

Gym time consists of some cardio, some golf specific stretches, some core work, and some lifting, for all the none of you wondering what that means.

I’ll never be a model of athletic prowess, but hopefully by working hard I can use my health to my advantage in the quest to save strokes.

Keep golfing. And yeah, it’s a word Allen.

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