Justin Thomas went semi-viral this week for publicly sharing his goals. This is his list:

I don’t have quite the same goals. I do love the idea of a list with some achievable and stretch goals to measure my year by. So, I’m going to set some goals for September 1 2020.

  • At least one round of 80 or better.
  • At least one round of 77 or better
  • At least one round with fewer than 27 putts.
  • At least one round hitting 9+ fairways in regulation
  • FIR % greater than 50% (Currently 37%).
  • GIR % greater than 30% (Currently 18.4%)
  • Index of 10 or better at some point during the year (currently 15.7).
  • Average driving distance greater than 260 (Arccos “smart” distance is currently 244).

Let’s see how many of these we can get done!

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